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1) A part contains a link to the Java classes which is initialized → A part contains a link to the Java classes which are initialized

An Eclipse RCP applications → An Eclipse RCP application

1.1) describes the support → describes the supported

for example a part, have a Class URI → For example, a part has a Class URI

views is typically used → views are typically used

tree of table of data elements → tree or table of data elements

if the view allows to change data → if the view allows you to change data

1.2.4) Is contains a stack → It contains a stack

Using two part sash container → using two part sash containers

1.2.5) and be activated an made visible → can be activated and made visible

2.1) Every plug-ins → Every plug-in

theses changes → these changes

2.2) the the Featurename → the Featurename

2.2.1) In most application → In most applications


  1 year ago

Thanks for reporting. All issues solved now.

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