Typos, questions and failed test #1325

Submitted 5 months ago

First some typos:

Section 2, 1st paragraph: StackOverflow is a popular "side". Should be "site".

Section 2, 2nd paragraph: "questions based on tags The" misses a period: "questions based on tags. The"

Section 2, 2nd paragraph: there’s an extra 's' in the end. I bet someone missed a Ctrl+S, LOL.

Section 2.3: "This is needed to handled the Stackoverflow items wrapper" should read "This is needed to handle the Stackoverflow items wrapper"

Section 2.5: "Develop a an OSGi service" should read "Develop an OSGi service"

Section 2.5: "Export the this service as API" should read "Export this service as API"

Then some questions:

The Maven references to be added to our target list version 2.8.9 to the group com.google.code.gson. On a previous exercise, we had already added version 2.9.0. Should this page be adjusted? Or should we change the version on our Task RCP?

The MainTest class fails. Any idea why? Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: okhttp3/Call$Factory at com.vogella.stackoverflow.StackOverflowService.getStackOverflowAPI(StackOverflowService.java:18) at com.vogella.stackoverflow.MainTest.main(MainTest.java:17)


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