I have no idea of what to do here #1314

Submitted 5 months ago

This might be the most frustrating exercise so far. I have no idea of what to do here.

Ok, I managed to clone the given repository and compile it using mvn. Then what?

I don’t know how to add it to my own project and how it is supposed to look or work inside my project.

Any help here is highly appreciated.


  5 months ago
  5 months ago

Yes, it’s clearer now what should be made, thank you very much.

I have two more issues here, though:

  1. I don’t know if it’s on the scope of the course, but the first one regards the build and usage of the extra plugin. Its GitHub page states that "You can then use the target-platform in your own project to include it your build." I have no idea what this means. I could build the plugin and cumbersomely found a way to add the exported update site jar as an available update site on my Eclipse and then added it to my target. Is that the way it’s supposed to be done? It feels like this should be easier.

  2. After adding the plugin’s feature to my own feature, I could add the Tool Control on my .e4xmi file. But upon start I get this error on my console: "Unable to create class 'org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.addons.perspectiveswitcher.PerspectiveSwitcher' from bundle '93'". The stack trace points to an error on the PerspectiveSwitcher.setPropertyChangeListener method, because "PrefUtil.getAPIPreferenceStore()" returns null.

Plus, here are a few typos I found on the newly written page:

Section 1: wrong fomatting code on "perspective switcher"

Section 1.1, 1st sentence: "clone the repository or downloads its content" should be "clone the repository or download its content"

Section 1.2.1 title: "switchter" should be "switcher"

Section 1.2.1, 1st sentence: "switchter" should be "switcher"

Section 1.2.1, 2nd bullet: "exmaple" should be "example"

Section 1.2.2, title: "implemtation" should be "implementation"

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