Premium content outdated #1177

Submitted 3 weeks ago

There’s a page behind the paywall on the RCP course that is outdated, when compared to its freely available counterpart.

I didn’t expect that, and wonder if there are others in the same situation.

Plus, here’s another question not related to the pages issue. I don’t know the proper path to ask, so here it goes:

The home page of the RCP course page states that "as a premium user, you can receive support through our online support system." How can we get support through the online support system?


  3 weeks ago

Hi Mario,

thanks for the notication. The styling of custom widgets for move to its own section in but I forgot to add it to the nagivation structure, should be fixed now, direct link:

In general the has more content especially exercises than the public website. If something on vogella is not available on learn it is definitely and error and should not happen

How can we get support through the online support system?

We offer support for the training and content of So if any exercise does not work for you or the content description is unclear please open an issue like this one and I have a look.

Hope this helps, Lars

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