Eclipse Platform SDK does not exist #1157

Submitted 1 year ago

Hi there,

I am currently going through the very beginning of the Eclipse RCP tutorial.

The tutorial asks me to add the "Eclipse Platform SDK" and the "Equinox Target Components" software sites.

However, the "Eclipse Platform SDK" doesn’t seem to exist. There is another entry, titled "Eclipse Project SDK" - maybe over the years since the tutorial was written, this was renamed?

I am using Eclipse SDK version 2022-03 (v4.27), build id 20230302-0300


  1 year ago

Also, an aside: If I uncheck the "Group by Category" checkbox, the Eclipse SDK hangs…​ I’ve tried waiting for several minutes, but it simply locks one CPU core at 100% and refuses to give up.

Not sure if its an issue with my JRE (java 17.0.6 2023-01-17 LTS). I’m running on Windows 10.

  1 year ago

To illustrate, here’s what I’m seeing from my end:


The situation is the same if I use instead.

  1 year ago

OK, this is such a strange issue that I’ve recorded a video where I cause Eclipse to consistently crash:

I’ve figured out now why I couldn’t see the "Eclipse Platform SDK" component - I thought the "Group by Category" option was nothing more than a cosmetic aid, but I’ve just tried doing this on a laptop that happens to run Windows 11 (which doesn’t crash Eclipse when I un-check the checkbox), and I can see the component is available.

Ofcourse I’d love to know what the problem is with my desktop setup - I thought there was a JVM problem, since the laptop was running JVM 17.0.5, as opposed to this desktop which is running 17.0.6, but now that I’ve downgraded to 17.0.5 the problem still persists.

Very annoying…​ but then again, I suppose Windows 10 is a bit obsolete now.

  1 year ago

Indeed the unchecking of the group flag is necessary to see this entry. Alternatively you can also use code completion in the text tab of the editor or use the example listing provided in (open the drop-down box).

Windows 10 should still work but prefer to use Windows 11 as we in the Eclipse IDE development group do not use Windows 10 anymore for testing, at least I’m not aware of anyone doing this.

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