Task 9 Using features and products to define your custom IDE #1093

Submitted 1 year ago

Hi again, i follow the steps and create succefully the project com.vogella.ide.product with the file ide.product. I had deleted the project (also check delete project contents on disk). After that i try to create the same product file but when i use the same name and id as before (Custom IDE, customide) i have a error nonification that "Specified product already exists" and finish button is inactive. Why is that happen? Any suggestion to fix that? Thanks again for fast reply. Best, NK


  1 year ago

Hi, This action creates an entry in plugin.xml and also creates the plugin.xml if not present. To undo this creation you can either delete the created extension in the plugin.xml file via the Extensions on the editor or delete the plugin.xml file. As plugin.xml can be used for additional configuration, deletion of this file should be done carefully.

Does this help? I also will add this info to the exercise.

Best regards, Lars

  1 year ago

I close this, as I have not received more questions, please reopen if that is still open

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