Issues with Git 59) #1067

Submitted 2 years ago

only uses → only use
different operating system → different operating systems
To avoid commits because of line ending differences → To avoid having commits with line ending differences

history of up to → history up to

allows addressing → allows you to address

I don’t understand the HEAD^ comparison sentence. It says "is the same as HEAD" followed by a weird character that looks like a combination of tilde and underscore and then says it’s the same as HEAD~3. Could this sentence be rewritten for greater clarity? When I copy/paste the character into it says it’s a regular tilde so I don’t know why it shows up bottom aligned instead of centrally aligned. However, knowing that makes things even more confusing because that means the sentence is saying "HEAD~ is the same as HEAD~3" which…​ doesn’t make sense.


  2 years ago

Thanks for reporting. The typos have been fixed.

@Lars: 3.4) The definition of this sentence in the coding is: For example HEAD^ is the same as HEAD~ and is the same as HEAD~3.

Was this intended?

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