Issues with Git 39) #1027

Submitted 2 years ago

indentify → identify
is a certain → in a certain
which causes → which caused

Cmd+e → Cmd+3

When I try "Compare with working tree", for instance on the "Add SWT UI" commit, I get "Compare Failed Cannot perform action on multiple repositories simultaneously". This is odd because I have only one repository in the repositories view. It’s not an anomaly with the "Add SWT UI" commit either, because it does this for all the commits I tried.

on the addDivideOperation → in the addDivideOperation branch
The screenshot shows the Check Out New Branch option selected but it shouldn’t be in this instance
org.eclipse.example.calc.internal.ui.swt → org.eclipse.example.calc.internal.ui.swing
Eclipse won’t let me checkout fixWarnings with the file changed. It tells me I have to Commit, Stash, or Discard Changes or it won’t proceed, which would preclude carrying the changes over to the fixWarnings branch. However, when I select Discard Changes it doesn’t actually discard changes. Is this an Eclipse bug?

onto the your → onto your


  2 years ago

Thanks for reporting. Typos have been fixed. @Lars: please take over 2.2 and 3

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