Issues with Git 26) #995

Submitted 2 years ago

learn also to → also learn how to
conflicts occurs → conflicts occur

into into master → into master
with master checked out, I don’t see the addDivideOperation branch in the History View, which is the view the instructions say to go to to do the merge. Should the user be doing merge from the addDivideOperation context menu in the Git Repositories View instead? Same thing for 1.3)

resolved until → resolved before
Team→Merge Tool asks which merge mode should be used. Which option should be picked?
After resolving conflicts with merge tool I still couldn’t stage the file using normal approaches. I had to do "add to index" in the context menu. Should the instructions be expanded to indicate user has to use that option? Or am I missing some way to explicitly declare the conflicts are resolved? The merge tool seems to let me do the conflict resolution but doesn’t seem to let me say "ok I’m done, things are resolved".

with with → with


  2 years ago

Thanks. All typos fixed. @Lars: please take care of rest of: 1.2) and 1.4)

  2 years ago

1.2) Did you configure the Git History to show all branches?

1.4) The instructions said: "Use the Git Staging view to stage the files which had conflicts". I re-wrote the text a bit to make it clearer that you need to stage the files to finish the merge operation.

  2 years ago

Thanks, that’s it, I needed to click the filter to switch it

  2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback

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