Question and suggestion for Git 16) #988

Submitted 1 year ago

When you copied Plus to Multiply what hotkey was that? Usually your videos do a helpful text overlay to show the hotkey that you’re using but there wasn’t an overlay for this one.

I’d also recommend switching to a more basic example because I wanted to figure out what the heck was going on with those free-floating new statements and ended up going to the source code and digging around to learn that it’s singleton based registration. Which is neat, but distracted from the main focus of the video: branching.


  1 year ago

To copy line I use Ctrl+Win+Shift+Arrow-down. The "Win" is not required on all OS, but without it my OS does map to a different option.

You can see such shortcuts in the Windows-Preferences→General → Key. Search for "Copy Lines". You may also have to add the Win key to make this one work, if you OS is using this one already.

Once we update the videos I will use another simplified example, thanks for the sugggestion.

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