Issues with Git 8) #977

Submitted 1 week ago

1) & 1.1)
users home directory → user’s home directory

are folder → are folders
presumably btn:Create[] was meant to show as a button image

rest of the value → rest of the values
btn:Finish[] should be button image?
this create the class → this creates the class

Git as a version control system → Git as the version control system
has not moved → has now moved

This views shows → This view shows

Wwrite → write

you change in this exercises → in this exercise you will change
select your Git repository or your project → select the Git repository for your project
give you over the commit → gives you about the commit
The dropdown containing "All changes of Resource" is grey/disabled. The exact steps in 1.8 are repeated in 1.12 so perhaps 1.8 should just be deleted, since by the time we get to 1.12 the grey/disabled is no longer an issue.

need to know where to create the file. Perhaps this section should take the same approach as 1.14 and tell the user to New→File?

1.12) is a copy of 1.8). Note that the corrections I gave for 1.8) apply here too

The current context menu says Open instead of Open This Version

add a unwanted file an remove it → add an unwanted file and remove it
nammed → named
it to your .gitignore file → to your .gitignore file
as change → as a change

You can checking → You can check
there → their


  1 week ago

@Lars: Please have a look at 1.13

All other issues have been fixed. Thanks for reporting.

  1 week ago

In my version it is "Open this version". I’m using a recent EGit version (Eclipse EGit Git integration for Eclipse - UI org.eclipse.egit.ui) so maybe you are using an older version? Are you using Eclipse 2022-06?

  1 week ago

I’m using 2022-06 , same EGit version as you. However, the 2022-06 that I’m using is specifically "Eclipse IDE for RCP and RAP Developers (includes Incubating components)" because I want to use Git in conjunction with RCP work so I don’t really want to learn in an environment that doesn’t match what I’d use. Is it possible for some reason the Git user interface differs between regular Eclipse IDE and Eclipse IDE for RCP? I have three screenshots, 1) eclipse version page 2) eclipse packages versions page 3) the context menu in question. Is there a way to include images in an issue post or should I email them?

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