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2.1) The Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment header has been deprecated since 4.3 so it might be good to update the example manifest to use a non-deprecated approach.

may increases the startup time → may increase the startup time

3) a plug-in need → a plug-in needs

to these plug-in → to these plug-ins

3.2) allows your plug-in to the package, independent which plug-in provides it → allows your plug-in to <verb needed> the package, independent of which plug-in provides it

OSGi Wiki for dynamic imports ( is a broken link

3.4) "It ensures that all dependencies are present and can checks also their dependencies" Is this saying it has transitive dependency checking? Which would be "It ensures that all dependencies are present and can transitively check their dependencies"

3.5) maybe → may be

Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment is deprecated

You can configure how the Java editor to show → You can configure the Java editor to show

also allows to define → also allows you to define

the x-friends setting has the same effect as x-internal so every plug-in also access this package → The sentence after that makes sense but I don’t get what this sentence means.

4) via the the service interface → via the service interface

the following description focus on → the following description focuses on

4.1) allows to define and consume service → allows you to define and consume services

allows to generate → allows you to generate

The following is an example for its usage of annotation to define → The following is an example of using an annotation to define

creates and activate a new service an request → creates and activates a new service on request

can you skip → you can skip

4.3) it’s → its

4.4) plug-ins is started → plug-in is started

org.apache.felix.src → org.apache.felix.scr

4.5.1) A plug-in which provides service → A plug-in which provides a service

The DS annotation support in sets → I think this should be The DS annotation support in Eclipse sets

this flag ensure → this flag ensures

CompontentContext → ComponentContext

In case the ConfigurationAdmin is used and the configuration-policy=required is specified, also a configuration obejct needs to be available → If the ConfigurationAdmin is used and configuration-policy=required is specified, a configuration object also needs to be available

if it satisified → if it is satisfied

componentdDescription → componentDescription

requried → required

n Immediate Component → An Immediate Component

in case no other bundle references it → if no other bundle references it


their consumer → their consumers

5.3) cannot not be used → must be used

7.1) Therefore, for the Equinox runtime both projects → Therefore, for the Equinox runtime, both projects

7.2) This allows contributing translation for a new language → This allows you to contribute a translation for a new language

other part of the code → other parts of the code

certain operating system → certain operating systems

only valid a certain OS → only valid for a certain OS

Last but not the least → Last but not least

7.3) Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment is deprecated


  2 years ago

Thanks for the report, we will fix the spelling errors shortly. As for "Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment is deprecated" I have opened, unfortunately the PDE tooling uses this actively. Lets see if the PDE committers (I’m one of them) find it worth upgrading to the non-deprecated version.

  2 years ago

I added the info that PDE still uses Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment and that we therefore also use this in this training.

I also re-write smaller parts of the text and updated a few screenshots. We also fixed all your reported spelling issues.

Thanks again for reporting, if we missed something from your list, please let us know.

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