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Submitted 2 years ago

I’m trying to get 24) to behave as expected, but it’s consistently doing its spy activity on Eclipse itself, not the application. I’ve tried using the plug-in from 21/22, and I’ve also tried making a fresh RCP application with sample data. When I try 21/22 no menu at all shows up. When I try fresh RCP with sample data, there’s a menu but the spy isn’t in there. And when I open the spy from the Eclipse Window→Spies→Model Spy , it attaches to Eclipse.

Can this exercise be expanded with additional explicit steps to arrive at the expected result?


  2 years ago

Can you check these and let me know if this solved your issue?

  2 years ago

I tried posting a detailed response and it sent me to a page with a hibernate exception…​.

  2 years ago

error "could not execute statement; SQL [n/a]; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.DataException: could not execute statement"

My guess is the issue processing code is missing some string sanitization. Does the log show you more details about what it’s getting upset about?

  2 years ago

We got the error: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(1500). We created an internal issue to solve this issue. In the meantime could you send me your answer per Email:

  2 years ago

ah, a length issue. I’ll bisect the post so it fits : (part 1) Checked the list, and it didn’t solve my issue. Below I’ve entered in the process I used to enable reproducibility. 0) Fresh (empty) workspace using 2022-03 1) File→New→Other→Plug-in Development→Plug-in Project a) Project name: spytry b) enabled "This plug-in will make contributions to the UI" and yes for "Create a rich client application?" c) enabled "Create sample content (part, menu, command…​)" 2) File→New→Other→General→Project a) Project name: target-platform 3) File→New→Other→Plug-in Development→Target Definition a) File name: target-platform 4) added as a software site, and added "Eclipse Platform SDK" and "Equinox Target Components" as per (8)

  2 years ago

(part 2) 5) Went to source tab for target file and copy/pasted the six additional units from 1.1 "Add the spies" 6) Step 1 already resulted in a main menu using ID 7) Run→Run Configurations a) Added the spy model plugin b) clicked Add Required Plug-ins c) clicked Validate, "No problems were detected" d) clicked Run in the Run Configurations dialog

I only get the File and Help menus, no Window menu therefore no Window→Spies entry

8) Also tried moving from target-platform project in to spytry project and redoing (7), but got the same result 9) Also tried removing and org.eclipse.platform.sdk units since they aren’t listed in 1.1 "Add the spies", and tried this variant with in target-platform project then again after moving it to spytry project, but still got the same results in both cases.

  2 years ago

Did you try to add the spy.core feature manually? If you re-do the exercise with an SDK from the 2022-06 release, empty workspace and a new RCP application it should just work.

I made a small video, maybe this help?

Btw, I noticed that core is not added automatically if I press "Add required", will not have a look and try to fix that in PDE.

  2 years ago

Fix for PDE, sorry I though I fixed that already in the 2022-06 must have been another spy.

  2 years ago FYI the problem with the length issue has been solved.

  2 years ago

Re-tested and it works for me if I add org.eclipse.pde.spy.core plug-in to the to the runtime. Please reopen if you still cannot make this work. is merged, so in 2022-09 this will not be requried anymore.

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