issues with 21) #904

Submitted 1 year ago

1) This plug-in is used as basis → This plug-in is used as the basis

1.1) So not make a selection → So do not make a selection

1.5) In the current Eclipse version right click creation has no "File". The first level is "New". I may have missed this for earlier places doing right-click creation so you may want to search the course broadly for this fix.

"training product20" seems out of place. It isn’t the destination project, nor the name of the new product configuration file, nor does it seem to be a setting. Its role should be clarified more, if it’s supposed to be there.

1.7) if you version is set → if your version is set


  1 year ago

Thanks for letting us know. The issues have been fixed. To 1.5 todo.product is the file name of the product configuration file.

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