General Discussion :Regarding the Eclipse RCP desktop application with IE browser relation #698

Submitted 2 years ago

Just like to know Are the RCP desktop application depends upon the IE browser ? If microsoft stop supporting IE browser will it effect the working of my Eclipse RCP desktop application? I tried by uninstalling the IE browser on Windows 10 and tried to run my application. I did not faced any issue . Kindly let me know if i need to uninstall anything else apart from IE browser .Because there are other browsers also available on my machine.


  2 years ago

You have to switch to the new SWT Edge support, once Microsoft removes the libraries in its OS, you cannot use it via SWT anymore

  2 years ago

Hi, to use Edge you have to update to at least 4.19 (the higher the better) and adjust your code. See SWT FAQ for the detailed steps. Currently you also have to bundle or install the Edge engine.

Best regards, Lars

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