Error while exporting product with feature #571

Submitted 3 years ago

I was unable to export the feature based product with version 4.17/2020-09. If "Generate p2 repository" was active a strange error message popped up saying that a problem with genericTargets.xml occured. After removing the checkbox the product was exported but couldn’t be started.

Additionally I had to "Add Recommended" for the "Start Levels" in win32 configuration.

Did I miss something? I double checked every setting but I was unable to find something about these settings.


  3 years ago


unfortunately the export is broken at the moment, please comment on to let the PDE developer known that you are also affected.

I also remove the manual export from the exercise yesterday, or at least tried. Please share the link if you still see the export exercise in our training.

The workaround is to setup a Tycho command line build, which I simplied and the setup should be very easy and fast know, assuming the installation of Maven is done. See

Do not forget to comment in the bug report, it is important that users notifiy the framework developer about issues. I personal never worked on the PDE build and do not plan do as it is a very old and outdated piece of code but Vikas from IBM still maintains it.

Best regards, Lars

  3 years ago

Hi Lars.

I will add a comment to the bug report and add all the informations I could gather.

The chapter is not visible anymore in the PDF - there is an error instead: Unresolved directive in 001_book.adoc - …​

Best regards, Yvonne

  3 years ago

Hi Yvonne,

sorry for the failing PDF build. This is fixed now.

Best regards, Lars

  3 years ago

I assume that the workaround works for you and close this issue.

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