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Submitted vor 7 Tagen

I am using the latest Mac OSX with the latest Eclipse SDK. I followed your instructions of the first part, and completed most of the contents except for exporting a product, which does not work as explained. It may be because of OSX’s security functions (?). Is there any way to achieve exporting this plugin? Have you received similar questions before?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.


  vor 7 Tagen


thanks for your question. Can you tell me which exercise you are doing? The manual export is currently not stable and we recommend a Tycho build.

Best regards, Lars

  vor 6 Tagen


Thank you for the response.

It’s 3.2. Exporting via the product file of #9, and 1.1. Run the export from the user interface of #15, ide (the first part).

In the past, I was able to create a stand-alone application with Maven/Tycho for the Sirius-based plugins and also was able to create a stand-alone application for the Xtext-based plugins by exporting the product, as you explain here. With this simple plugin example, however, I am not able to achieve the goal, which is strange to me. Would it be Eclipse version dependent (it was possible before but not now with the latest version)? Or, it could be Mac OSX' latest security.

I guess I can do this with Maven/Tycho. The issue is I cannot put check-marks to those items to proceed. :)

Best, — Akira

  vor 2 Tagen

Hi Akira,

I removed the manual export from the exercises as this is not working. Please comment on https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=525280

As for the training, please have a look at the Tycho exercises. This way you will be able to get your plug-in exported.

I used this opportunity to update the RCP training significantly, please open a new bug if the Tycho build or something else does not work. Please note that the training is now using 4.17 API from the 2020-09 release.

Best regards, Lars

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