Step 98 - Using GSON to persist your todo model as JSON #510

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Submitted vor 3 Monaten

Hi, following your example, I get the following error;

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.vogella.tasks.model.Todo.setSummary(

I ran it in debug mode and the "changes" field is null.


  vor 3 Monaten

Thanks for reporting. I’m now going through to see if it still works for me.

  vor 3 Monaten

Status update: I reproduced the problem and implemented a workaround. Baseline is that the PropertyChangeSupport is not restored by GSON and therefore null. I will update description tomorrow to reflect the workaround (and implement a few other enhancements)

  vor 3 Monaten

Thank you very much!

  vor 3 Monaten

I close this issue, please reopen if you still face issue.

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