Minor issues in examples in chapter 36. Using the SWT API #506

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Submitted vor 10 Monaten

Part 12. Tree and Menu

When running the example menu doesn’t show up on the tree

Part 14. Keybindings for SWT widgets

When running the example stateMask stays equal to 0


  vor 10 Monaten

Thanks for reporting this issue. Please see replies below:

Part 12. Tree and Menu

AFAIC the code works. I added the info that the menu is a context menu which is displayed with right-mouse click on a tree item and a screenshot, please let me know if that clarifies it for you.

Part 14. Keybindings for SWT widgets

This also works for me, I also update the docu a bit and added a screenshot. Please let me know if you still have issues.

General note: I updated the examples to use lambdas.

  vor 9 Monaten

Thanks again for reporting. I assume this can be closed. Please reopen if you still see issues with the exercises.

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