Eclipse patching bug? #1096

Submitted 2 years ago

I’m creating a review item for Git 6)→5.2). In my review, I go into an Eclipse workspace with a repository, add a line to the end of one of the files, and do Team→Create Patch…​ , and choose File and give it a filepath, and Finish. I open a console and cat it, and it looks fine. I then go to the item’s context menu again and do Replace With→HEAD revision to get it back to the way it was before the change. Looking at the Staging view confirms that it doesn’t see it as being changed anymore. Then I go back to the context menu and do Team→Apply Patch…​ and give it the patch file I just created, and if I try Finish immediately it says "patch rejects" and if I go into more detail with next, I get to the Review Patch page which complains that the file it’s trying to patch doesn’t exist. But Eclipse literally just generated this patch file so it seems like it’s generating a file that it can’t actually use? Or am I doing something wrong?


  2 years ago


looks like you ran into Please comment in the bug report that you are also affected.

Thanks, Lars

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